Prices ;
The prices determined by the hosts have been declared as az WEEKLY eri (7 Nights) per house because the rental period is at least 1 Week in high season. You can calculate the total cost of the leases less than 7 nights except the weekly rental by entering your check-in and check-out dates from the reservation module in the upper section of our website. However, rental requests for less than 7 nights cannot be largely approved. (If there is a space between two reservoirs, or if it does not break the calendar, there is a possibility of acceptance)

Prices published on the site; Water, Electricity, Cylinder Gas, Pool-Garden maintenance, first cleaning expense, Internet, if any, and all costs related to Digital Platform membership. Otherwise, the description and rules are indicated in the section.

It is recommended to bring your own bath towels with you when you come home. (If there is another application on the sheets and additional services in the houses, this application is indicated on the page of that ad.).

Although the prices mentioned in the home are the lowest and the highest prices in the season (April), the prices in the season are also indicated on the advertisement pages monthly.

Entrance Hours for Houses;
The entrance to the houses published on the holiday site is between 15:00 and 20:00 and the hours of departure from the house is 10:00 (morning). These timezones may change depending on the availability of the house with the customer's consent of the host. If the previous customer and the check-in day are the same, the entrance hours will be delayed for a minimum of 4-5 hours (up to 15:00) so that the house can be delivered to you cleanly. This postponement does not affect the departure time. In this case, the next tenant (at least 6 hours late) will be victimized.

What is a Customer (Tenant) Agreement and a Travel Information Document?
You can use the houses you have rented from the Holiday Villa for rent, you will receive detailed information after prepayment documents.

Customer (Tenant) Contract: Our company is authorized to rent our homes, on behalf of the landlord is the document prepared for you. There are information about the RENTER, contact details, TC ID numbers and general lease terms. The document sent to you will be Kaşeli and Signed by our authorized company and you will have a Name and Signature section for you. Our landlord or authorized person will be asked to sign this contract wet before you enter the House. Please note that you will be subject to these contract terms as soon as you have a booking request from our site ild You will be declaring that you accept these terms in advance from the moment the payment is sent den

Travel Information Document: CUSTOMER (Tenant) information, rental period related to the rental home, Payment Information, rental home and other information (address, host, contact person or contact name of the contact information of the surname phone), There are special notes and warnings and rules to the tenant before departure. The directions or sketch that tell you how to get to the region or home is prepared to help you completely. Our company cannot be held responsible for any damages caused by this description.

Location of our homes
Houses published on vacation site rent Villa for the moment only to Fethiye where most of Turkey's villa tourism, Kayakoy, Calis, Ovacik, Marmaris, Gokova, Gocek (Mugla) SHIELD (Kas, Antalya) is located in the resort. Recently we will offer you rental houses in other towns and regions. The exact locations of the villas are marked on the Google maps map on the ad pages.

Capacity of houses
In our homes, the maximum number of advertised persons may remain. 0-3 age group children are not included in the scope of the baby. However, since the normal beds are offered for children of 3-7 years of age, they are treated as full persons. However, for these children or children, they are accepted outside the total number of children for a fee.

Equipment for houses
Our houses are generally thought and arranged for the continuation of daily life. Each house has a living room, bedroom and / or bedroom, fully equipped kitchen, bathroom and / or WC proportional to the number of people.

Each is also furnished with a garden and / or terrace seating. All of our houses have cold and hot water.

As you come to our homes, you can come to a hotel by taking only your personal belongings, you can find all the materials you need daily.

Pictures of houses
You will find pictures on the advertisement pages of our houses. In cases where we offer more than one house of the same type, there may not be pictures of the house you are staying in, since the pictures of a sample house are displayed on our introductory page. Villa pictures are photographed by our company as much as possible. However, in some cases it can be used in pictures of the hosts.

For the damage and damages that may occur during the rental period, the amount of TL-TL written on the home page of the house is taken as a deposit. Our company does not receive a deposit due to policy. However, some of the landlords requested in accordance with this deposit is specifically stated in the introduction pages. When you leave your home at the end of your rental period, if any damage and / or damage has not been detected, it will be refunded if the deposit is received. In the event that a deposit is not received, Holiday in the Host or Rental Villa may require compensation. However, the fact that the deposit has been returned or that the damage has not been requested does not affect the potential claims of the landlord. In particular, this refund does not mean that the landlord waives the damage and / or compensation of damages.

Extra bed
The maximum number of people who can be guests in our homes is stated in our announcement page. Depending on the situation of the house, 1 or 2 beds may be added to the specified number. This is only possible with the consent of the landlord. An additional fee of 15% of the rental price is charged for each extra bed (mostly a portable bed) upon confirmation.

Home pets
In the promotion of our houses, information is given on whether or not your pets can come. Our hosts can claim an extra damage deposit for pets. If it is determined that the house has been damaged by your pet, our company and the landlord have the right to claim the damages incurred.

Beach and sea
The phrase ır beach kullanıl or tüm sea ”is generally used for all seashores. The beaches in Turkey are offered for free use in general. These public beaches may not always be well-maintained as paid private beaches.

Distances and seating areas information
Information about the distances and seating areas specified in the home introductions are the estimated data and are provided for your information.

Instructions on passport, visa, customs, currency and health issues
ID to enter Turkey only for citizens of European Union member countries (identity card) is sufficient. They do not need a visa. Turkey Embassy in your country of precise and detailed information relating to such matters and serves Turkish Consulate in.

Markets & Restaurants
Most of the markets and restaurants that are open until midnight are mostly seasonal ones. Their opening and closing dates can be based on the reasons we cannot influence.

We advise you to take out travel insurance before traveling. The houses have been insured against earthquakes, fire, etc. but the damages of the people who live there are not subject to this insurance.

Illegal activities
It is strictly forbidden to introduce illegal materials in our homes. If an illegal material or activity is detected, the contract shall be terminated unilaterally and the tenant shall be removed from the house. It is strictly forbidden to disturb the surroundings by making noise. The complaints to be made by the residents and by the neighbors to us or to the security forces will be considered as a reason for the withdrawal, the warning will be given to the customer first, but if the situation continues, the landlord will be entitled to remove the house from the second time. Please choose your home accordingly ...

For more detailed information, please see the FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS AND CONTRACT ARTICLES.



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