What are your Villa options?

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In which regions are your villas located?
Our villas are located in holiday resorts in Aegean, Mediterranean, Mugla and Antalya. In Antalya Province; Kaş, Kaş Peninsula, Kalkan, Üzümlü Village, Islamlar Village in Muğla Province Fethiye, Ovacık, Kayaköy, Şovalye Island, Çalış, Yakaköy, Göcek, Dalaman, Dalyan, Gökova, Ataköy, Akyaka, Marmaris, Orhaniye, Bakır village, Söğüt village, Bodrum, Turgutreis, Yalıkavak, Gündoğan, Bitez, Ortakent, Dereköy, Türkbükü, Kadıkalesi

Are your prices for one person?
Our prices are weekly prices of our villas. Not per person prices. Each villa has its own accommodation capacity. More than the capacity of our villas is not taken.

How are your payments made?
Our payments can be made by bank transfer, or by using the credit card mail-order system. You can contact our booking assistants for credit card installments.

What is included in the price of our villa holiday?
Dishwasher, gas or electric cookers, washing machines, pots and pans, plates, microwave oven, kettle, television, satellite receiver, towels, bed linen, pique, iron, ironing board, pillow cases, hair dryer, electricity, water, natural gas and internet charges (not available in all our villas). One set of all spare parts except dishwasher, washing machine, microwave oven, ketle, hair dryer, television and satellite receiver are included in our villa prices.

Can you tell us what are your services?
We provide travel consultancy, tour-trasfer, plane ticket, car rental, honeymoon decoration, guidance and cookery services.

How do I book?
You should follow the steps below to book a villa of your choice among the villas that are recommended by our booking staff or from among the villas offered by our booking staff. First of all, you must contact our booking staff and choose the villa you have chosen, and clarify your dates and choose the option of the villa. (domestic remittance and eft 1 working day, overseas remittance and eft at least 2 or more business days to reach our account) Our account is paid to our account after we check the name, surname and TC / Passport number of the contact to forward your contact to your representative For the contracts that have not been signed, all the conditions stated on our website will be deemed to have been accepted and the cancellation conditions will be put into effect in case of any objection or rejection. Read the information on the tab carefully.

Is there an extra charge for the villa?
There is no extra charge for our villas. There is no extra charge to pay as long as you do not wish to transfer, rent a car, have a car rental, or have a cleaning service. However, in the name of the damages that may occur at home, the damage deposit will be paid to you during the holiday. This damage deposit will be returned to you after the necessary checks on the last day of your holiday. If any damage occurred in the house during your holiday, the damage amount will be charged to the deposit amount after the person has been identified.

How are the cancellations made?
The customer has to notify Anica of the cancellation request via permanent data providers (emal, postal, etc.). In case the holiday home does not give the service unfairly, Tatilevikiralama will return the CUSTOMER's payments to the CUSTOMER within 14 days. Excluding the CUSTOMER's service through a written or permanent data warehouse up to 45 days prior to the commencement of the service, 15% of the total amount shall be excluded from the service charge (including the costs incurred from service charges, taxes, duties and similar legal obligations). all the price paid for him is returned. CUSTOMER agrees to pay 50% of the total amount and 30% less than the remaining 30 days to the HolidayHome home if 44 to 30 days prior to the commencement of the service. CUSTOMER by the date change requests (facilities in the facility and the date of entry of the first reservation taking into account the remaining time to offer and to assist all kinds of Holidayevikiralama will try to provide) to give up and will be notified in writing by the CUSTOMER in accordance with the periods mentioned above. CUSTOMER himself, or his first-degree relatives (including their parents, siblings, spouse and children), show disturbances / deaths that prevent his 10-day habitual work at the time of booking, as well as other similar cases in which the CUSTOMER demonstrates full due diligence. the written presentation of the documents before the commencement of the service is the exception of this article, and in this case, 15% of the total amount to be paid is the cost of the service (except for the service costs, taxes, fees and similar legal obligations). will be refunded within 14 days. The CUSTOMER may transfer the service to a third party who has fulfilled the terms of the service by means of a written or permanent data storage until 15 days prior to the commencement of the service. The transferee is responsible for all expenses arising from the balance and transfer. In case the CUSTOMER does not notify in writing that he / she will participate in the service he has missed, Tatilevikiralama reserves the right to cancel all reservations and services made on behalf of the CUSTOMER after 24 hours. In such cases, the CUSTOMER will not refund any fees and the cancellation policy will be applied. If the CUSTOMER informs that they will participate again in the service within 24 hours from the beginning of the service, they can benefit from the remaining period of the service they have purchased.

Why are you getting our credentials?
The name, surname and TC / Passport numbers of the persons who will come to prevent the abuses experienced in the villas are also requested. Our guests who have been prevented from entering the villagers are not taken to our villas and the cancellation conditions are put into effect.

How do we get to the villa if we travel by plane?
If you are traveling by plane, you can arrange transportation by renting a car, requesting a transfer.

How far are the villas from the city centers?
Our villas vary in distance from city centers according to their location, but they are on average 10 minutes by car. We do not have villas in city centers due to the fact that the city centers are crowded and the settlement here does not contain any vulnerabilities.

Do you have villas near the hospital?
Our villas are located at a distance of 7-8 minutes by car to these centers.

Where are your nearest villas to the airport?
Our villas nearest to the airport are our villas located in Dalyan, Gökova, Göcek, Fethiye, Ovacık and Kayaköy regions.

What are the distances of villas to the sea?
The sea distance of our villas is between 4km and 8km on average.

Is there a certain time interval for entry and exit to the villa?
Villa departures are carried out until 10:00 in the morning. Our entrance to the villa is after 14:00 in the afternoon. Our guides will accompany you at the entrance and exit of the villa.

How can we find the villa when we arrive?
We have guides to accompany you in every region. Our guides will accompany you in a predetermined position and accompany you to the villa.

What do you do if we don't find the villa in the photos?
The photos of the villas you see on our site reflect the reality and there is no correction or playing on the photos. When you come here, there is no possibility of encountering a different villa. We can provide you with this as an agent. All of our villas are realized by ourselves and we strive to provide you with the most precise information.

Do you have tools to cook in the villa?
In addition to food, there are all the necessary materials to make meals in our villas.

How is pool cleaning and garden maintenance done or done?
The pool maintenance of our villas is done by the pool personnel belonging to the villas periodically between 5 and 8 every morning. Garden maintenance of our villas is usually done in the morning during the maintenance of the pool. However, some villas have garden maintenance between 7 and 8 pm.

Who can we contact if we have a problem during our holiday?
Please contact our guides if there is a possible problem in the villa.

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