On the one hand, the activity center is located in Tuzla, Mustafa Kemal Bulvarı No: 65 / C Fethiye / Muğla. Rock. EMLK. Auto. And San. Tic. Ltd. Sti. (hereinafter referred to as SERVER), on the other hand, accepts this electronic agreement between the person who has been hired through this website (hereinafter referred to as the RENTER) and the request for the lease through the site, via e-mail or telephone. they are approved and electronically signed. (There are confirmation notifications and checkboxes on the payment information e-mails and credit card and payment pages sent through the site that have been read and approved by this contract.


1. The RENTER, in writing or verbally, the request for the lease; telephone, fax, e-mail or web page can do.
2. The RENTER requested in the request for leasing, other than himself, will be requested for the other persons and persons specified in the request.
3. The renting process begins with the sending of an e-mail message containing the lease information to be sent to the RENTER by the SERVER based on the request for leasing.
4. Following the finalization of the tenant's decision, if the place is still available with the information received from the SERVER, the amount or the amount of the least reported amount of the deposit (deposit) shall be made by the RENTER through the system by credit card, by bank transfer or by EFT or by international money transfer systems. (Western Union, etc I), together with the lease and rental agreement is approved and made by the RENTER. Rental documents shall be prepared by the SERVER within 24 hours after the TENDER submits the documents and a copy is sent to the RENT through the e-mail and signed by the server. The fact that the documents requested by the SERVER are not received by the RENTER with the obligation of notification does not make written documents or the RENTER or these documents do not reach this agreement. In such cases, the official e-mail records of the SERVER are taken as a proof and presented as proof.
5. If only the prepayment is made, the amount remaining by the RENTER shall be paid to the landlord or the authorized person upon check-in at the place where the leasing is paid. If the RENTER wishes to pay by credit card at the time of the entry, the SERVER collects the credit card commission by adding the current credit card commission to the amount. The amounts to be paid at the entrance are entirely the responsibility and responsibility of the landlord. The fees received by the SERVER are the amounts received as a deposit to be delivered to the landlord. There is no financial and financial obligation of the SERVER regarding these amounts.
6. Although the agreement has been made, the non-utilization of the service does not require a refund by the SERVER. There are special deadlines and penalties. You can find below the Hizmet Cancellation of the contract Alı and Hakkı The right of withdrawal and termination of the buyer iptal.


1. If the rental start date is more than 30 days;
a. The RENTER requesting the lease, the approval of the deadlines and the lease agreement to make the 30% of the total amount as deposit (Deposit) through the payment channels through the payment provider must pay.
c. The amount remaining outside the deposit (Deposit) is paid in cash before entering the house rented by the RENTER, or before entering the house as part of the campaigns. In the event that payment is not made, the SERVER reserves the right to cancel the rent in question, to re-open the rental dates in question and not to refund the deposit.
D. The contract and travel information documents required for the lease are not given before the deposit payment is completed.
2. If the rental start date is less than 30 days;
a. The RENT requesting the lease may be requested to pay the total amount of the total amount to be notified by the PRESENTER in order to approve the rental periods, to make the lease agreement and the deadlines to be finalized.
b. In the event that the total amount of the lease is not deposited during this period, the SERVER shall not approve the said agreement and shall have the right to resume the said lease dates.


1. Payment by Credit Card;
The RENT requesting payment by credit card in the rental reservation request can pay the rental deposit amounts as the system directs or the remaining amounts to be made before the entry via credit card. Credit card payments are made through Denizbank and Turkpos infrastructure systems. Since the payment system uses a 3D secure security system, the payer's security code is registered to the registered mobile phone and the payment is approved by the bank. These transactions are sent to banks with 128 bit encryption system and no records are kept. The supplier shall not be liable for any defects resulting from bank systems.
2. Payment by wire transfer, EFT and other payment channels;
Remittance of the rental reservation request EFT or other payment channels requesting payment with the RENT, the system in the e-mail directed to the bank account numbers, rental deposit amounts or the amount to be made before the entry can pay the server. In order to speed up the transactions, the information of the BOOK APPROVAL CODE, VILLA CODE must be written in the description section of the payment receipt. If the person who has requested the reservation is different with the Payer person, AD-SOYAD information should be written in this explanation section. After the payment, it is necessary to provide information to the server via the payment notification form, telephone or in writing via e-mail to confirm the reservation process. After the payment, a person PAYMENT APPROVAL ON will be sent to the RENTER within 24 hours by the SERVER staff.


1. In payment by Credit Card;
Since the system uses a 3D secure security system for payments made via the system, the security code of the payer of the person who is paying is received and the payment is approved by the bank. It is assumed that the person making the payment has paid the payment amount with his / her consent. With this approval, there is no right to appeal to the criminal sanctions which are realized in the conditions of the cancellation stated in the contract terms. (Request for deposit refund, such as penalty deduction “) Because of the unreasonable demands on the terms of the contract and in the conditions of cancellation, it will create additional workload to the SERVER as a result of unreasonable requests. will be entitled to demand the penalty.
2. Payment by Wire Transfer and Other Payment channels;
Payments made on the bank channel or other payment channels (Western Union, etc tamamen) are assumed to have been paid by the individual with his own signature and consent. Therefore, it will not be entitled to object to the criminal sanctions in the case of cancellation as specified in the contract terms. (Request for deposit refund, such as penalty deduction “) Because of the unreasonable demands on the terms of the contract and in the conditions of cancellation, it will create additional workload to the SERVER as a result of unreasonable requests. will be entitled to claim under the name of cez punishment cez.


1. The scope of the services to be provided by the SERVER pursuant to the agreement shall consist of the information provided in detail on this site.
2. The written consent of the SERVER is required for additional agreements and changes.
3. The SERVER shall notify the LEADER of significant changes in the services to be provided for the lease.
4. If the agreement is canceled due to the change, the SERVER shall immediately notify the RENTER.
5. The SERVER shall not be held responsible for calendar conflicts caused by the host. In case of a conflict, the SERVER may transfer the RENTER to another place with the consent of the tenant for the avoidance of the victimization and may deduct the fee from the landlord's fee. If no place can be found and the tenant cannot be transferred elsewhere, the entire fee will be refunded to the RENTER by the SERVER. The RENTER cannot, therefore, blame the SERVER for any reason.
6. Other services received from companies other than the home of the lease are not included in the scope of service of the SERVER.
7. In the agreements to which the SERVER has undertaken the welcome service, the RENTER must be present at the meeting place during the hours specified in the notice and the contract. (15:00 - 20:00). For the arrivals after 20:00 hours, if the company has not received the approval, the SERVER has the right to charge an extra fee of 100 TL for VAT in extra VAT. The RENTER is obliged to bring the arrival time before these departures.


1. If the realization of the lease is in great difficulty, threatened or restricted due to an unforeseeable reason at the time of agreement (eg natural disasters, strikes or supply failures), the SERVER may terminate the agreement unilaterally without waiting for any term.

2. If there is a situation, deficiencies or legal problems which may endanger the RENT related to the leased place and the landlord has not repaired this situation yet, the SERVER may terminate the agreement unilaterally in terms of the interest of the tenant.

3. In such cases the SERVER may present alternative options to the RENTER, if any. The RENTER may choose one of them or cancel the contract completely if he wishes, and has the right to request the refund of the entire amount paid. The SERVER does not have any other obligation.

4. The SERVER may cancel the reservation confirmation and cancel the confirmed reservations unconditionally, due to the negative and non-stylistic behavior, words, insulting or humiliating behavior of the RENTER 's personnel experienced before, during or after the booking by phone, mail or other means. This rule is a measure taken against negative situations that may occur during the holiday process.


1. The RENTER may cancel the transactions made and realized on the site within 24 hours without specifying a reason. may ask to return his payments. However, because the deadlines are very important, the revocation notice must be in writing (by e-mail or fax).
2. The RENTER, death, illness, wedding cancellation, etc. shall not be affected by the penalties for penalties under written down, if it cancels the request for reasons that it may prove necessary. Only the deposit paid for the contract and paid to the landlord is not refundable. The provider shall not make any claims regarding the remaining penal charges and compensation, if all payment has been received, all amounts except the deposit amount shall be refunded. This revocation notice must make an urgent written notification (via E-mail or Fax) to SERVER as the terms are very important. In order for this article to be valid, it is also obligatory to send a document in the annex of the proof of obligation.
3. The RENTER may cancel its journey prior to the start of the rental period. This Cancellation Notice must make an urgent written request (E-mail or Fax) to the SERVER as the deadlines are very important. In the event of such cancellation, the SERVER may claim a compensation for the measures and costs incurred in relation to the lease. The compensation costs are determined as the percentage of the total cost of the services stated in the lease agreement. As a result of the cancellation by the RENTER;

The amount of prepaid deposit (deposit) is not refunded in any way when the tenant cancels it.

If there is a 30 to 15 day rental period, 50% of the remaining fee

If the rental date is less than 15 days, or if the RENT does not arrive at all, the RENTER has to pay 100% of the remaining fee.

4. Where the RENTER does not pay the indemnity, these fees shall be requested by the RIGHTER by the RIGHTER or by the RENTER through the execution proceedings. All costs incurred in such cases (Attorney, notary, execution and file costs etc.) are requested from the RENTER in addition to the fee to be paid.
5. In such a case, the PRESIDENT shall conduct another RENTAL investigation for the same place and time to compensate the third party or the landlord in order not to leave the RENTER in a difficult situation. If the SUNUCU reviews the other requests for this location and contracts another RENTER and makes a contract, the landlord or his / her responsible for the compensation charges to the RENTER does not request the necessary intermediation. The last owner of this claim is the landlord or responsible. The RENTER may call the landlord directly on the Travel Document and request a discount.


1. The request of the RENTER for a change in the rental dates related to the leased place may be made until 30 days before the start of the lease period.
2. The RENTER may change the missing or incorrect information in the documents by at least 1 week before entering the house. If the third parties do not agree to the terms of the lease because of this new amendment, or if the legal provisions or official regulations are against this change, the SERVER may and may not accept the change of this person.
3. The RENTER may make these changes only with respect to the place where it is leased. The conditions specified in the article AC Cancellation of the contract by the RENTER tal shall automatically apply in a different place request.


1. It is recommended that travel insurance should be made through an insurance agent despite the adverse events that may be experienced by the RENTER. The houses are covered by general insurance (earthquake, theft, fire, etc.) but are not covered by the persons covered by this insurance. In any case, the insurance will not compensate you for your damages. The homeowners or the OFFICER shall not be held responsible for personal damages caused by the lack of insurance. KİRACI cannot be held responsible for the fixed fixtures subject to insurance stolen from the houses.


1. From the foreign services recommended or advised by the SERVER,
2. Water, energy and internet related to the region or country possible malfunctions,
3. The RENTER's private belongings caused by the failure,
4. Misleading information and pictures given by the landlord in unconfirmed advertisements,
5. Software, tapage and / or account errors,
6. Disruption of the services received from intermediary institutions used for payment,
7. Technical malfunctions in the server where the site is published,
8. From the misleading information, words and websites of the brokerage firms used for marketing purposes,
9. Personal problems, behaviors and behaviors that may be experienced by the landlord after the arrival of the rental,
is not responsible for any negative consequences.


1- The RENTER agrees to use and protect the whole house, all items in it as carefully as its own house. TENANT, rented during his rented home is fully responsible for any possible damages arising from the defect or negligence of his own. TENANT 's responsibilities also include the possible damage will occur due to defects or omission of the accompanying person. Failure to claim the amount of damage when leaving the house does not mean that the damage amount has been waived. In case of determination and proof of the damage after leaving the house, the RENTER is still obliged to pay the damage. However, the parties have to make a verbal agreement about the damage in the exit or it has to be proved.
2. The RENTER is obliged to avoid behaviors that may disturb the house and environment of the rented house. Other incoming complaints or complaints made by the security forces are given prior warning as a result, have the right to evict the tenant if the landlord and repeated payment of non-refundable.
3. The RENTER shall comply with the general laws in the house it rents. In the case of non-compliance, the RENTER is directly responsible for the persons next to him / her.


Rent Holiday Villa this Agreement, subject to the products and / or services Distance Contracts Directive 15 / g judgment "according to a certain date or period needs to be done, lodging, entertainment or recreation for the purpose of the contract concerning the evaluation of leisure time made" under the Rights Cayman is the nature of the There is. The Purchaser acknowledges and undertakes that he / she knows this right from the beginning and will not demand the right of revocation.


1. problems in services, but TENANT and accompanying person PRESENTER under legal provisions and cooperate with related authorities, but is obliged to reduce or avoid damage as possible. If they do not fulfill these obligations due to their own reasons, they cannot have any claim rights.
2. The RENTER and other persons accompanying them may notify their requests to the server of their service.


The invalidity of any clause in the Charter Conditions does not cause the invalidity of all other terms.


The personal information provided to the SERVER for the realization of the lease is protected against abuse by the law on data protection. Private Information with the landlord of the rented place; in accordance with laws, regulations and circulars, it can only be shared by security forces. Credit card information is shared with only the bank via 128 bit secure servers. No records are kept in the system of credit cards. The SERVER is not liable for software or account errors.


In case of dispute, Muğla / Fethiye courts and Muğla / Fethiye Enforcement Offices are authorized.

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