Cancellation Policy


Özeloğlu İnş.Tur. Rock. Emlen. Auto. And San. Tic. Ltd. Ltd. Şti (hereinafter referred to as konaklama SERVER ini), by phone, through the website or using one of the other communication channels villa, accommodation, car rental, tour, transfer and so on. The “CUSTOMER et specified on our website or purchased one of the services offered by our representative has agreed to comply with all of the following conditions.

1- The scope of the service and service purchased by the CUSTOMER is stated in the voucher (reservation form) which is delivered with these sales rules.

2- CUSTOMER accepts the brochure containing the qualifications of the service he / she purchased or the website page of the relevant product and the information on the Terms of Use contained in the Site Corporate tab.

3- CUSTOMER, on behalf of the other persons who will participate in the trip with the business in this accommodation terms of sale terms and names such as the name-surname, the identity of the identity that will enable the participation in the trip, such as the right to give information about the previous coverage and that the voucher given to the participants is deemed to be given to the participants.

4- CUSTOMER shall have all legal documents (passport, identity, visa, etc.) related to the country in which he / she travels on his / her country abroad, any lack of treatment or personal reasons caused by the CUSTOMER's self (visas, tax debts, permission of any state institution Customer shall not accept any liability for legal and / or criminal liability in case the customer does not travel (airplane-bus ticket, car rental, etc.).

5- CUSTOMER accepts that the cost of the services and all other goods and services other than the defined service will be paid by him / herself except the scope of the services and accommodation service.

6- If the service is defective because it is defective, it agrees that it will declare the reasons for termination to the ANICA authority and the facility operator in accordance with the duty of cooperation and attentiveness if it terminates the service by betting, otherwise it will be deemed to have received and used the service.

7- CUSTOMER's defect, unexpected and irrevocable behavior of a third person, force majeure (adverse weather conditions, road barrier, strike, terror, fog, possibility of war, unpredictable technical considerations, etc.), PRESENTER / agent / independent service In the event of an unpredictable and unpredictable event, although the provider shows all the necessary care, the CUSTOMER will not be entitled to compensation.

8- At the time of registration, at least 30% of the domestic service fee and the remaining amount within 7 working days unless stated otherwise from the date of sale, if the date of entry to the facility is 30 days or less, it must be paid immediately upon reservation unless otherwise stated. In the event that the specified payments are not made within the aforementioned periods, the reservation made is canceled and 15% of the total amount is invoiced to CUSTOMER as withdrawal compensation. CUSTOMER who buys services through early booking is obliged to pay the full amount of the service on the date of reservation unless otherwise stated.

9 - CUSTOMER, if the bank or the financial institution does not pay the service fee to the supplier regarding the claim that the credit card used by the CUSTOMER to pay the price of the services purchased by CUSTOMER unfairly and unlawfully to the unlawful use of the credit card that is not caused by the flaw of the supplier, shall be liable for the cost of the service and any damages incurred with the legal interest to be processed from the date of booking.

10- In the event that the server leaves the service unfairly, the CUSTOMER will return the CUSTOMER's payments to the CUSTOMER within 14 days.

11- 15% of the total amount of the service fee (including the expenses incurred from the service expenses, taxes, duties and similar legal obligations), if the CUSTOMER notifies the customer that he has ceased using his purchased service by written or permanent data storage until 45 days before the start of the service. except for the total price paid.

12- CUSTOMER agrees to pay 50% of the total amount and / or the entire amount less than 30 days to the server if he / she declares not giving up the purchased product / service by means of written or permanent data warehouse 44-30 days before the start of the service. CUSTOMER by the date change requests made in the facility (taking into account the remaining time of the date of the first reservation and the server will try to provide all kinds of alternatives and will help to give up) means that the CUSTOMER will be notified in writing by taking into account the periods mentioned above.

13- The CLIENT himself or his first-degree relatives (including his mother, father, brother, spouse and children) shows disturbances / deaths which prevented his 10-day usual occupation that does not exist at the time of the booking and so on. the written presentation of the documents before the commencement of the service is the exception of this article, and 15% of the total amount payable in such a case shall be deducted from the cost of the service (except for the service expenses, taxes, fees and similar legal obligations). CUSTOMER will be refunded within 14 days.

14- The CUSTOMER may transfer the service to a third person who fulfills the conditions of the service by notifying him / her through the written or permanent data storage until 15 days before the start of the service. The transferee is responsible for all expenses arising from the balance and transfer.

15- In the event that the CLIENT does not notify in writing that he / she will participate in the service he has missed, he / she has the right to cancel all the reservations and services made on behalf of the CLIENT within 24 hours. In such cases, the CUSTOMER will not refund any fees and the cancellation policy will be applied. If the CUSTOMER informs that they will participate again in the service within 24 hours from the beginning of the service, they can benefit from the remaining period of the service they have purchased.

16- The entrance to the villa is made after 15:00 and the departure time is 10:00. Entry and Exit Hours may vary according to the villa or the facility and are indicated in the product details section of our sites.

17- The number of people who will be accommodated should not exceed the number of persons specified in the properties of the villa. Names and surnames of all future guests must be included in the reservation agreement created during the booking process. In the event that more than one person is present in the contract, it is at the discretion of the SERVER and the Facility Authority to use the said service and accept the said service.

18 kabulThe customer agrees to comply with the rules specified by the facility authority or the SERVER staff at the entrance to the facility / villa, and agrees that the SERVER shall terminate the contract unilaterally without any compensation or refund.

19- Damage deposit between TL 500 and TL 5,000 is received at the entrance of the villa for the damages that may occur during the rental period. Damage deposit will be returned to you after the necessary checks on the last day of your holiday if no damage is detected.

20- All properties of the rented villa (distances, location, house equipment, required dimensions etc.) are as stated on our web site. In such cases the cancellation conditions will be executed.

21- Any inconvenience of theft in the rented villa (by breaking through locked places, entering through open doors and windows or by entering through closed doors and windows) will not be borne by our company. This damage will be borne by the CUSTOMER if there is any damage or loss due to the defective behavior of the customer and the leased property or fixtures.

 22- CUSTOMER, if the cost of his own accommodation, before the start of the accommodation, theft, accidents and illnesses in the event of return to the point of return in case of any accident and insurance costs to cover the costs of treatment through independent insurance companies can insure.

23- CUSTOMER shall not be liable for any changes in the contact information as the contact information, such as address, telephone, e-mail, shared by the CLIENT at the time of purchase will be used for notifications.

24- In the absence of the CUSTOMER; In accordance with the rules of our company can not benefit from the services without having a parent or legal guardianship may arise as a result of such a situation in this document will work in this document will be canceled.

25- CUSTOMER may participate in the satisfaction measurement questionnaire in case of approval by calling for the purpose of measuring the satisfaction after the end of the service, and the opinions may be published on the SERVER sites after reviewing under the rules of the SERVER websites.

26- By completing the reservation process, the Customer shall be deemed to have accepted all the above conditions.

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